Jaeyeon Kim is a computational designer based in Seoul, Korea. Interested in web interaction, generative design, typographic design.

Majored visual communication design at Hongik University. Worked at min guhong manufacturing as an intern. Also works with Reum Lee, as a member of a gridroom, which is a visual art project group.


  1. Jaeyeon is fulfilling his duty as a design soldier in the media contents department of the ROK.Navy.
  2. Jaeyeon finally joins the Army as Navy on January 30th, 2023.
  3. Made some New Year’s Card for 2023.
  4. Wrote a paper about Descriptive Alternative Text Writing Process.
  5. Finished TA work at Min's Hongik University classes with a presentation. Made my neo-neocity.
  6. Helped a graduation project, ‘Project Morpheus’ as an interaction engineer.
  7. Made some presentations for classes.
  8. Takes class, New Order in Hongik University Visual Communication Design as a TA, making webs and solving qna to students.
  9. Made a website for p5 experiments in Socio cultural design project (2).
  10. Designed a poster and graphic artwork for graduate exhibition on Hongik University Ceramic and Glass major.
  11. Finised working on HIVCD Newsletter with the last issue of September 2022.
  12. gridroom’s 1st exhibition THHA v1 has been operated in faction, at 2022.7.30-8.7.
  13. Took a class, New Order and learned how to love myself and love my webs.


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